day 5: you assign negative intent to other people’s actions

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It’s so easy to let distrust distance yourself from others. It’s easy to take things personally – which I’ve done all my life. My family would always scold me for not having a sense of humor or humility. And now it’s my fiance that repeats them as his happy-go-lucky attitude clashes with my constant seriousness (opposites attract?). And sometimes even that’s an action I set negative intent to. It’s a hard mindset to bring yourself out of once you’re so deep in it, but it’s possible. Even for just a day, seeing the good in people is refreshing. Use common sense when deciding who to trust, but realize that everyone else is in the same boat as you are.

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Another driver cut you off in traffic.  Your friend never texted you back.  Your colleague went to lunch without you.  Everyone can…

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when your feeling down all you have to do…

hey guys! good morning.. good afternoon.. good night where ever you might be! as we lay in bed surrounded by the quietness is when our mind speaks to us most and sadly sometimes our mind CAN take over our whole body.. I’ve been there.. so you aren’t alone if you do feel like this! even if we don’t know each other and not close to each other mentally/psychically just remember someone has felt how you are feeling right now. what i have found out to be the most helpful when i feel like this is.. 1. listen to music! music heals the soul! whether its rock.. hip hop.. jazz.. music takes us into another world!

2. read a book! reading is good for the mind and helps you explore new vocabulary.. (i love teenage love books)

3. watch a movie!! make it a good happy movie! 

4. talk on the phone.. even if its grandma! (grandma loves to talk to grandkids.. tell her how much you love her!)

… in order to love others you HAVE to love yourself first! and you should! we are all beautiful and put on this earth for a reason. YOU are important. 

wishing everyone a good morning, after noon, or night! 


Adopting a dog.

hey guys! I’ve been going through some emotional changes so i thought i would make a blog to get my emotions out in a positive way. First ill start off with a topic about me recently adopting a dog. i would call her a dog but honestly she’s more like a human, mainly my best friend. hailey was rescued off the streets of miami florida where she lived most of her life. i just graduated high school and now attend college so i thought the perfect thing would be is to adopt a dog since I’m also going to school to become a vet. Hailey is a full breed BEAUTIFUL blue nose pit bull. Hailey has just become my best friend. I went to a private catholic high school and honestly it was really hard for me to make friends and actually keep them through life. i never found true compassion with people so i sought true love with animals and honestly Hailey has really saved me. going to the beach, pool, and running errands i never feel so alone anymore. she filled a really lonely spot where i never thought it would be filled. i know reading this i probably sound like a crazy dog lady.. well to be honest i am! lol! ADOPTING  a dog could be the best thing for you if your feeling lonely or down.. cause just like us all dogs wants is love… remember “if you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”