I didn’t leave!! So…Where do i even start? Being a full time student and working full time sure is hard. I feel like sometimes i don’t even have a second to breathe. But tonight i finally got the chance to jump on here… Other then maintaing my good grades i have in all of my classes (14 credits) I’m really loving my job! Endless days and nights.. 12 hour shift after 12 hour shift does make me tired but at night i lay in bed feeling accomplished.. isn’t that the best feeling? laying down knowing you got everything done that was on your “errand list”.

Sometimes you may feel over whelmed, like your going crazy.. thinking “why do i have all this to do? there isn’t enough time in the day!!!!!” Sometimes even I think there isn’t enough time in the day.. (there never is!) but one thing i do want to give advice on is.. stay positive when your trying to get everything done. i know you just wanna scream and shout and just give up.. but don’t. The man upstairs age you strength for a reason.. use it!

-staying positive is key!


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